Slain by Buffy Slain by Buffy


Uh ohHey, what's th-?Yeeucch!Through many years of hard practice, Xander managed to turn slacking into an art. Not a terribly good art, it's true - very much the sort of art that you'd look at and think "Hey, I could do that." Which is of course the point.
Xander lets Buffy offload her troubles
While not having what you could call the advantages of geekdom (computer skills, worryingly good exam results, safety from sexually transmitted diseases), Xander was lumbered with an extensive knowledge of comic books and science fiction TV shows - which, sadly, didn't help him a great deal in the world of slaying anymore than in the world of high school girls. Always ready with a sarcastic remark and an excuse to avoid library research, Xander is, depending on who you talk to, an insufferable buffoon or a role model for all young geeks.
One of Xander's fantasies goes clunk
Certainly Xander has pulled his mismatched socks up - going various McJobs to becoming a profession joiner or other unspecified building-site activity, Xander has, to an extent, grown up. He has always been plagued with a feeling that he was the third, or maybe fourth, wheel of the Scooby Gang - he was never exactly sure if he was Fred, Shaggy or Scooby Doo. Yet Xander has always assisted in the saving of the world, and has many times proved himself brave if conspicuously stupid. But in a funny way.
Alyson Hannigan has the biggest eyes in the world, according to Joss - here they are in full effect
Xander's problem is still that he hasn't grown up - he might be a man with strangely-large upper arms, but while other characters have evolved, Xander has remained the most samey. The character began as an insecure boy who covered up his emotions with quips and, indeed, wisecracks. While you could say that now he's become an insecure man who covers up his emotions with wisecracks, at the same time Xander has grown up - despite not being able to sort out his own life all the time, he was been able to be a pillar of strengthiness for Buffy, even if that at times meant her using him a literal punchbag. Xander's insight is always variable, and often he finds it hard to control his emotions, resorting to violence when jokes won't help.

But, like the other Scoobies, Xander is a hero - he has his Achilles ' heels, but he was always, and remains, the Heart part of the Scooby Gang - the lion in the Wizard of Oz, only always supplied with courage.

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Slain by Buffy